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TortBookVisuaLaw Study Guide Vol 5: Law of Tort is designed to aid you in study and preparation for exams. The book contains three sections: Outlines, Diagrams, and Crib Sheets. Outlines are detailed outlines of the course material, arranged by topic. Diagrams are perfect companions to the Outlines, containing flow charts, diagrams, and other visual aids for each topic. Crib Sheets are condensed outlines, perfect for getting the ‘big picture,’ for revising, and for testing yourself on the details. All three sections include statutes, cases, and key terms, arranged and color-coded to maximize your studying, memorizing, and revising/reviewing.

Topics include: Introduction to the Law of Tort’ Negligence: Basic Principles, Duty of Care, Breach of Duty, Causation, Remoteness of Damage, Special Problems, and Particular Relationships; Breach of Statutory Duty; Strict Liability; Intentional Injuries to the Person; Interference with Economic Interests; Nuisance and the Rule in Rylands v Fletcher; Defamation; Vicarious Liability, Defenses, Remedies.

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