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Report recommends sweeping changes at UMaine law school

Read the full article at The addition of new faculty and administrative positions, expansion of course offerings and an overhaul of governance and operational practices are among the recommendations for the University of Maine School of Law. A...

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Career opportunities in Commerce Stream

Read the full article at Management courses run by good institutions are in great demand today. As a discipline of study, management courses came to our country a bit late and mostly we copied it from western countries in the beginning. However,...

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SOAS Law graduates second highest for graduate pay in UK

Read the full article at A new study by Chambers Student , a guide to the legal profession has revealed that SOAS University of London Law graduates on average earn £80,973, ahead of Cambridge, Oxford, Kings College London and UCL.SOAS School of Law LLB...

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225 pro bono hours fetches law student a new suit

Read the full article at Tanisha Taylor walked in to Patel and Gaines Law Offices expecting a few pastries and kind words from the partners when she was invited to a reception in their office.She said she was speechless when they welcomed her...

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Networking newbie? How to make a great first impression

Read the full article at Q: I was unimpressed with the letter writer in a recent column about time-wasting networkers. Networking is a complex skill set. The law student who annoyed the writer was taking initiative just by requesting the meeting...

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Leading European Law Schools

Read the full article at feature-image-1200x340 Leading European Law Schools In the 1990s and 2000s, advances in transportation and communication technology made the world more interconnected. The free movement of goods, services, people,...

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Is Kim Kardashian Taking The Baby Bar Exam Today?

Read the full article at (Photo by JB Lacroix /WireImage /Getty Images) Back in April, Kim Kardashian West told the world that she studying to become a lawyer without going to law school. In a tell-all interview with Vogue, Kardashian revealed that she...

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