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Sophia DuRose | Law school applications are too expensive

Read the full article at The Oxford C'Mon | There shouldn’t be extra barriers to higher education Photo Credit: U.S Army Photo A friend asked me at the end of last semester to proofread an essay that he is submitting in his law school application. The...

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Two key bars cited in mid-career law switch

Read the full article at Singapore Management University students in convocation gowns on July 21, 2012. Many mid-career individuals who joined the legal industry say law schools should structure their programmes to accommodate family and...

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The case for solicitor apprenticeships

Read the full article at The University of Law’s national programme director for apprenticeships, Ceri Evans, discusses the benefits of the training contract alternative, ahead of her appearance at LegalEdCon North later this month It takes five...

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What a Paralegal Does and How to Become One

Read the full article at A job as a paralegal might be ideal for those who appreciate the intricacy of the U.S. legal system and are eager to provide assistance to lawyers. Experts on this profession say it can be a fulfilling occupation for individuals...

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How Would You Retool The Bar Exam?

Read the full article at (Image via Getty) While we lawyers disagree about many things, one thing that all of us, whether lawyers of whatever vintage, law students, law professors, “thinking about law school” peeps, agree on: the nightmare that is the...

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Veronica Macias wants to pay it forward

Read the full article at The moment Veronica Macias (J.D. ’21) saw Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” sign a contract relinquishing her voice to the devious Ursula, she knew she wanted to be a lawyer. As she got older, working in her parents’ Mexican...

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