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5 Ways to Improve Your Concentration

Read the full article at Summary : These five techniques have proven useful for increasing your attention span. According to a recent study, ‘humans of the modern era’ have an attention span which is less than that of a goldfish. This doesn’t come as...

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Law schools, the SQE and technology

Read the full article at A guest post by Matthew J. Homewood, head of department at Nottingham Law School Homewood: Technology has a particular role to play in the personalisation of learning Many legal education providers and would-be providers...

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Q&A: Law School Tips for First-Year College Students

Read the full article at Welcome to the latest installment of Law Admissions Q&A, a feature that provides law school admissions advice to readers who send in questions and admissions profiles.If you have a question, email us for a chance to be featured...

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Two things I wish I knew before becoming a law student

Read the full article at By Alexandra SumnerAny metaphor I could use to describe the tumultuousness of law school would pale in comparison to reality.It’s arduous, straining and even exasperating. But it’s also a rigorous education program that...

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Top five law student resume boosters

Read the full article at By Alexandra SumnerChasing “that paper” is one thing; chasing the perfect resume is another. In an environment as rich and rapid-fire as law school, it can be a bit overwhelming to sift the ore from the fluff.So here are...

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Sea of options

Read the full article at If you feel overwhelmed by the admission process, here’s a quick guide that can help you... It may be unnerving for students applying within India to watch other students get acceptances flooding in from the U.K., Canada and...

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