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LPC Legal Practice Course

Read the full article at Faculties and Schools Our collaboration with The University of Law (ULaw) makes UEA the ideal place to pursue your ambition to become a lawyer. If you are aiming to become a solicitor, you are now able to complete both your...

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Meet Fred Tutman, the Patuxent Riverkeeper

Read the full article at Image by Fred Tutman used with permission. Fred Tutman is the Patuxent Riverkeeper, one of a global network of 343 people who advocate for individual rivers. He’s also the nation’s only African-American Riverkeeper.Locally, there’s...

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Choosing Your A-level Subjects

Read the full article at The Student Lawyer has other articles to assist with making your A-level subject choice. This article will address the specific instance where you are certain you want to study a Law degree but don’t know what A-levels to...

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How to Spot the Red Flags in Lower-Ranked Law Schools

Read the full article at There are currently 203 law schools accredited by the American Bar Association, meaning if all that matters to you is getting a J.D. and sitting for the bar exam, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.With that...

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Learning while leading at Harvard Law Review

Read the full article at Campus & Community Learning while leading at Harvard Law Review Michael Thomas Jr. is the third African-American man elected president of the Harvard Law Review. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer On a March evening,...

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What Classes Should I Take?

Read the full article at This week marks the final week of classes for the Fall semester at Vanderbilt Law. While students are currently toiling away outlining and preparing for exams, the end of the semester often makes me think of the new slate of...

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Law schools advance in technology

Read the full article at The evidence pops up on a screen in front of the jury. Meeting with a lawyer is done via video conference. And court documents that used to be stored in boxes are on a flashdrive.Technology advances in the practice of law are...

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Law: concepts and perspectives

Read the full article at What you will study The module explores the wider role of law in society and the international community by considering different legal systems and traditions. It considers civil law, common law and national systems and...

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Dating in law school: The dos and don’ts

Read the full article at By Alexandra SumnerWhen discussing the idea of dating during law school, the question is not: “Should you date someone while in law school?” It's: “Should you even date someone who’s in law school?” No, probably not.Law...

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