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Best Law Colleges in Japan

Read the full article at Japan is recognized as a technological and innovation hub across the world. One of the perks of studying in this advanced nation is that there are ample opportunities for students. The country itself has its roots inlaid with...

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Law students have many areas to choose from

Read the full article at Students can opt to pursue two different practices within the legal field: litigation or transactional law. Today, law students have a wide range of options when it comes to practicing law.And based on law students’ interests and...

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The lawyer who bet on herself

Read the full article at Artesia House 's path to entrepreneurship was unusual in more ways than one.First, House was an untraditional law student. She enrolled in St. Mary’s School of Law not right after receiving her undergraduate degree, as many...

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UAS and Willamette partner for law program

Read the full article at The University of Alaska Southeast Juneau campus on July 31, 2020. UAS and Willamette University College of Law recently announced a direct admissions partnership between the two schools to try and make it easier for...

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10 Things You Need to Know if you Plan a Career in Law

Read the full article at Law aspirants are often confused about the place to start when deciding to make a career in Law. Learn right here tricks to make a profession in regulation by a Company Lawyer itself. As a young person, one is all the...

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