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6 Benefits Of Working As A Contract Attorney

Read the full article at Let’s be completely honest: Even if you have a law degree from a top law school or have recently begun studying for the bar exam or even passed it, you may not have your entire career mapped out — and even if you do, you know...

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Do We Still Need OCI?

Read the full article at (Image via Getty) With the “Fall” Recruiting Cycle having come to an almost complete close, the legal recruiting world has hit a bit of a lull in the schedule. Those of us in Career Services have likely shifted to working with...

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Fill up on Legal Podcasts

Read the full article at Turkey isn’t the only thing you’re going to want to load up on this Thanksgiving. Whether you’re in a food coma or driving to grandma’s house, Legal Talk Network has the perfect legal podcasts to keep you educated and...

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The College of Law is raising the bar for its students

Read the full article at It’s hard to argue the Georgia State College of Law isn’t giving students what they came for with the highest bar passage rate of all law schools in Georgia in February of this year and 91% of 2018 graduates finding...

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Out With The LSAT

Read the full article at Image by Picasa, courtesy of Creative Commons Like many students in their final year at McGill, as I attempt to balance academics, extracurriculars, work, internships and application deadlines, I find myself...

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Students working more to cover rising cost of college

Read the full article at ORLANDO, Fla. - The cost of college is one of the biggest financial stresses on families and students. It can mean a lot of folks going into debt to pay for it. But, that’s not all you can do.On many college campuses like...

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