I remember, so vividly, being sat in a lecture theatre on day one of the GDL feeling instantly overwhelmed by the amount of things that I needed to organise. As one of the many wannabe barristers on the GDL at City , I knew from the start that my GDL was focused on securing pupillage. I was keen to make a dent in the endless list of opportunities at City: mooting, pro bono, evening workshops and chambers evenings.

As I am sure was the case for many, my undergraduate degree afforded me four modules per year whereas the GDL involves seven core modules plus three extra ones. To stay on top of work and to take full advantage of extra-curriculars, it is important to be organised. It is easy to get bogged down on focusing on an upcoming moot and totally forgetting to prep for a tutorial. With that in mind, I have come up for five top tips for staying organised on the GDL. 1. Make a study timetable … and stick to it

I devised a fortnightly time table for each term that blocked out full days to work on a particular subject. On that day, I would do the core reading and the tutorial questions – that way I knew I would get something out of each lesson, even if I had other things on. It is easy to fall behind when you have lots on and keeping up with the course eases the burden during exams. Working on a two-week schedule also allowed for buffer days to prepare for moots, write applications or undertake minis. It also sets a clear checklist so you never feel like you aren’t progressing. Tuesday definitely looks the toughest day! The way you organise your work does not have to be the same as everybody else – the important thing is to establish a routine. I had worked full-time for two years prior to starting the GDL which meant I was out of practice with studying. Creating this routine made studying more like a job insofar as I had short […]

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