Michele Campbell’s exciting new thriller, The Wife Who Knew Too Much , takes the reader to the glamorous and glitzy world of the Hamptons where things are not always what they seem and there are dark secrets hidden under the glittering jewels.

Michele has generously given us some of her time to talk about this much-anticipated new release. We talk about how her writing process has changed as her confidence as an author has grown, as well as how authors communicate with readers in a world dealing with a pandemic. She even gives us a sneak peek at what’s coming next!

For readers that are new to you, tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a former federal prosecutor, a wife, a mom and a lifelong reader. My background prosecuting serious crime in New York City made for a natural segue to writing thrillers. I’ve also lived in many different places, and have a love of both the glitzy, bright-lights-big-city and small-town settings of my books. All of my life experience goes into my writing. My books combine suspense, love, sex, money, the haves and have-nots, with a deep knowledge of crime and criminal investigations.

From your first novel up to The Wife Who Knew Too Much , is there a difference in how you approach the story or the writing process?

I trust my writing process more now. I know that inspiration will come if I just let my characters show me the way. I have confidence that I will manage somehow to shape my meandering first draft into something twisty and propulsive. Because I’m more confident and less anxious, I can relax and enjoy the craft. I’ve hit my stride, and I’m loving writing more than ever.

For the criminal elements of your stories, do you find yourself looking back to your prosecutor days for details or plot points?

Yes, though not so much for specific plots, but more for authenticity and atmosphere. I know how crimes unfold, how perpetrators behave, what they do to cover their tracks, how the police investigate. And I know that crime is […]

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