Article by Kushni Ula Relevant Work Experience

If you are applying to do law, find work experience in a law firm. This is the most straightforward and relevant way to boost your application and show you have a genuine interest in the subject. It can be very difficult finding legal work experience, but the best way to do it is to call every law firm in your area (or further if you are able to travel) or send out cold emails, and ask if they would give you a couple days shadowing a lawyer or doing admin work. You don’t need to directly be doing cases – just working in a legal environment can show universities that you have an interest! If you are unable to find experience in a law firm, try and phone banks or other organisations and ask if you can work with their legal team or offices- this will also be good work experience and help you develop valuable skills that you can talk about in your personal statement. Online Courses

Doing online courses is a great way to gain experience for your personal statement. There are many free online courses on websites such as FutureLearn, edx and Harvard Online Courses. If you complete one of these courses, you can talk about what you have learnt from them as well as mentioning any skill that you think you have enhanced during the course. The courses you take don’t have to be directly link to law as a whole, for example, I completed an economics course to do with mergers and acquisitions (an area I have an interest in). If you have an interest in a particular area of law, do a course that reflects that interest, so universities know that you have done research into law and have a passion for this particular area.

If you are applying to study law, this section should not take up a large portion of your application as universities will mainly be focusing on things that show your interest in studying law. However, building skills outside of academia […]

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