It’s that time of the year again. You have just passed your pre-university exams, and now with so many turmoils brewing across the world, you decided to take up a Law Degree or be a Lawyer. This article is jointly written by few of the brothers at BrainyLaw, namely Weera, Ivan Frederic Yun and Yeoh Kai Shin.

This article will look to provide tips to Local and Private University students on how to pass their LL.B and CLP or BPTC exams. The tips should be applicable across the board. If Weera can pass his LL.B and CLP without a single failure in 4 years, so can you.


Weera still remembers how he felt 8 years ago when he entered Law School. He was very enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming a Lawyer. He has a dream to one day join a prestigious firm, working for prestigious Partners. The dream remained until today.

Embarking on a Law Degree and/or CLP this year in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic is akin to opening Pandora’s box, many uncertainties and learning difficulties may occur due to the disrupted learning cycles and processes. Moving forward, there is still much left in the tank for law students to embrace the upcoming challenges. All evil escaped from the Pandora’s Box when it is opened. But what is left? Now before we begin, here are the 6 realities that students need to be mentally prepared of:

a) Not everyone will make it.

It’s a battle of the fittest, a marathon of grit. Your best friend who embarked on the same journey as you may well not be there at the finishing line. Getting LL.B and/or CLP is a form of preliminary elimination process in determining whether you are fit to be a Lawyer. It weeds out the weak and favours the bold. Do note that you are still not fit to give any legal advice at least until you are doing your pupilage / chambering!

Not all dreams come true, but so do nightmares.

b) LL.B is not difficult at all, so is CLP / BPTC. Notwithstanding my first […]

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