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Q. I have been working as a junior art director in a medium sized advertising agency. Can you please tell me something about Design Management? — Rashmi Gairola

A. Simply put, Design Management is the art and science of enhancing the collaboration and synergy between “design” and “business” to enhance the effectiveness of design.

In other words, Design Management is the ‘business’ side of design. It encompasses the on-going processes, business decisions, and strategies to enable innovation and create effectively-designed products, services, environments, communication and brands that enhance our quality of life and provide organisational success.

At a deeper level, Design Management seeks to link design, project management, strategy and supply chain techniques to control the creative process,

support a culture of creativity, and build a structure and organisation for design to drive a competitive advantage across the triple bottom line: economic, social/cultural, and environmental.

Traditionally Design Management was confined to the management of design projects. Over time however, it has evolved to embrace several other aspects of the organisation on a functional and strategic level.

Design has now become a strategic asset in brand equity, differentiation and product quality for most businesses. Increasingly, organisations are harnessing Design Management

As a discipline, it overlaps with the related management branches i.e. Marketing Management, Operations Management and Strategic Management.There are 50+ coursesin Design Management offered at the MA, M Des as well as MBA level in the US and UK (even Finland and Holland) that you could explore. Options after BBE Q. I am pursuing Bachelor’s in Business Economics. I want to know the future options (further studies and government job) after doing this course. Currently I am thinking of doing MA in Economics. So is there any better option than this? — Mansi Rawat A. In the increasingly globalised world, order with newer business risks stemming from inflation, currency fluctuation, varying interest rates, regulatory risks, foreign markets and now the WTO, large private companies are increasingly looking at business economists for help. The token one-man economic cell is now getting multi-staffed. These are tasks for which an MBA is not strictly geared. As […]

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