Where did the lawyers on this THR’s 2020 list of top attorneys learn their skills? The most went to Harvard (19 in all), but UCLA isn’t far behind (15), and even Michigan boasts some big Hollywood alums (four).

Illustration by: Zohar Lazar Despite being 3,000 miles from Hollywood, Harvard’s impact on the industry is undeniable. The Cambridge school’s Entertainment Law Clinic and Recording Artists Project offer hands-on experience with trademarks, copyrights and rights acquisition for companies and talent across film and music. Harvard’s classes across intellectual property, cyberlaw and technology and arts and entertainment include everything from artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles to fashion and sports law. Advice from alums: "Inoculate your career against AI. Pick a path that capitalizes on uniquely human characteristics." — Kenneth Deutsch “Don’t take for granted that great lawyers come from many different places, many different schools. Don’t rest on laurels.” — Mitch Kamin "Think beyond the next rung on the ladder. Look inward to determine what you would like to do for a lifetime and look around you to find your cohort to help you do so." — John Meigs Jr.

The Westwood campus, which celebrated its centennial in 2019, is home to the Ziffren Institute for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law, which prides itself on building strong connections between students and alumni. UCLA also launched a tech, law and policy institute with its engineering school and a Master of Legal Studies program to teach non-attorneys basic skills and to “think like a lawyer” — one of the eight specialities available is entertainment and media law. Advice from an alum: “Intern, intern, intern and network. Get to know people. I broke in because I got three names of people in the business, called them up for lunch and asked them each to give me three names. That’s how I got my first job.” — Marcy Morris

USC’s newest class of future lawyers is more than half female and includes a record number of first-generation and economically disadvantaged students — who also raised the bar with the highest median GPA in […]

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