Which underdog Democratic presidential candidate are you? The Clog’s satirical guide to im-peach-ment Clog Report: Oski to be impeached as UC Berkeley mascot In our current political climate, many things are uncertain. But of course, there’s one certainty in the field of politics that will always remain truer than Duverger’s law , no matter where you go. The fact is that political science majors will always and forever drive their fellow students crazy. While this is true for the major as a whole, however, it would be unfair to clump all the individuals into one category.

Political science majors have many different interests and personalities, so it would be a shame to not acknowledge them all. Just like with career politicians, political science majors are never who they seem and are often a mix of many of these categories we have come up with. After years of observing the political science majors on UC Berkeley’s campus, I would like to present to you the Clog’s list of the types of political science majors.

Pre-law students

One of the most stressed-out subgroups, whenever class enrollment comes around, you can hear pre-law students worrying about whether one class will look more impressive to law schools than another. They’re always thinking five steps ahead of everyone else and are difficult to beat in a debate. Whether they just want to make their parents happy or are driven by the fact that law school will open many doors for them, they’re a little nervous about the hard work to come. Besides studying for the LSAT, they’re big fans of Elle Woods and “How to Get Away With Murder.” Because it’s a necessary trait in lawyers, pre-law students are also the kinds of classmates who love to hear themselves talk, even if it comes at the expense of time for the professor to finish lecture. In every question they ask, they imbue the answer within it to show that they know things and take so long to ask it that no one knows what was going on by the time they’ve finished.

The power-trippers: ASUC […]

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