Pretty much everyone knows that grades in law school are extremely important. Indeed, a law student’s grades are perhaps the biggest indicator of where that individual will work after graduating from law school. For this reason, many law students read books or advice online about how they can succeed in law school. Of course, everyone understands that hard work and dedication to one’s studies are the biggest ways to impact one’s law school GPA. However, there are certain things that law students can do to artificially boost their GPAs that have little to do with hitting the books. Taking Summer or Evening Classes

I discussed in a previous article how law students can increase their GPAs by taking summer classes. At many law schools, the required curve does not apply to smaller classes, since it is difficult to apportion a curve with a small sample size. As a result, students in these classes are more likely to receive higher grades. Law schools typically offer many such classes during the summer when fewer students are on campus. Enrolling in such courses can be a great way to boost your GPA, since you are more likely to receive a higher grade. In addition, taking some classes during the summer lessens the amount of credits that you need to fulfill during the academic year. As a result, taking summer courses can relieve pressure during the academic year so that more time can be spent on the remaining courses a student takes. Of course, enrolling in summer classes might not be a viable option for many students, but summer classes can be an extremely effective way to boost your GPA.

Also, taking evening classes with part-time students can also help you boost your GPA. I don’t want to offend part-time students, and I met some amazing evening students while in law school. However, it is undeniable that part-time students usually have a job or other responsibilities that full-time students typically do not. As a result, if your law school offers a part-time program, and you take evening classes as a full-time student, you might […]

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