Nicole Abboud-Shayan (Image via LinkedIn) After an unplanned two-month hiatus from this column, I am excited to be back with a ton of fresh new content for you (because let’s be honest, there is only so much writing about law school and the bar exam one gal can do).

I’m particularly pumped about this new “An Interview With” series that will publish at least once a month. In this series, I will connect with people from all parts of the legal profession and at all stages of their legal career. We will learn more about who really makes up the legal community and what people are actually doing with their legal degrees.

Now, let’s get this series kicked off with Leadership Speaker and Podcaster, Nicole Abboud-Shayan. Nicole, a 2011 Southwestern Law School grad, is an inclusive leadership speaker and host of The Gen Y Lawyer Podcast. Nicole has spoken at places such as the Clio Cloud Conference and Lawyernomics by Avvo.

In the following interview, you will learn about Nicole’s journey to becoming a Leadership Speaker and Podcaster and how her law degree and legal career got her there.

Q: Why did you go to law school?

A: I wanted to help people and I believed that law school would put me in the best position to do that. I knew that understanding the law would provide the power and authority to speak up for others. For whatever reason, I’ve always had an innate ability to determine what’s fair, and I believed that law school would help me hone that character trait to better serve others. The more I reflect on why I decided to go to law school, the more I realize the following truth (and listen up because not many people share this): I wanted to become a lawyer all of my life, but I never stopped to honestly evaluate if that’s what I truly wanted. I didn’t know any lawyers when I was growing up so I never actually spoke to a real one to find out what their lives and work entailed. Although I’m not sure my […]

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