EVEN with the latest technologies available now, it is not entirely possible to predict what the future may hold. Therefore, it is crucial to be ready for any circumstances which might unfold and this holds true to the legal industry as well.

The University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) Head of Law and Associate Professor of Law Anne Chrishanthani Vergis said law affected various aspects of our lives, from criminal proceedings, family law to corporate agreements.

She said just as with the ever changing environment and lifestyles of the people, there would surely be changes in the legal landscape, be it the amendment of existing public and private law as well as drafting of new laws and regulations.

“All law practitioners, no matter which area they are involved in, would have to be ready to face that. Therefore, at UoRM, we aspire to ensure that all our law graduates are industry ready and future proof to meet the future industry’s demand.

“They must also contribute to the community both globally and domestically and help in the development of the legal profession, ” said Vergis, the university’s head at the School of Law.

Prof Vergis said law affects various aspects of our lives, from criminal proceedings, family law to corporate agreements.

UoRM has now opened applications for the inaugural intake of the newly-launched Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme due to start in September 2019. It is the first and foreign international branch campus in Malaysia to offer a law degree.

The programme allows students to study the University of Reading LLB Law degree, which is exactly the same degree as awarded on the UK campus, in Malaysia for the entire three-year duration of the programme.

In addition, by studying at the University of Reading Malaysia, students benefit from the enhanced learning experience that is a hallmark of the University of Reading, and which provides the perfect balance of academic learning and practical experience.. Prof Vergis emphasised that the programme placed great importance on work experience and aimed at developing the students’ skills to help them graduate with the best possible prospects. “It is not just about getting a law […]

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