How and Why Linda Clark Left The Top Of Her Game In One Career To Move To The Law

In her time as a journalist she was political editor for TVNZ, presented late night and midday broadcasts of One News , and fronted current affairs such as Crossfire and Face the Nation . She had a spot on Paul Holmes’ Newstalk ZB breakfast show, and was on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon .

After more than 20 years in the profession, she made the leap from established, respected reporter, to law student. She had completed the first year of a law degree in 1981 before becoming a journalist, and returned to stage two at Victoria University in 2006.

“I was beginning to think that what journalism does is train your mind […] to think of goodies and baddies, yeses and nos, and I was, I suppose, coming of an age where that felt like a limitation.” Twin Boys

Having achieved all she wanted to as a journalist, the arrival of twin boys – now in their last year of high school – made her decision easier. “I thought that I couldn’t really imagine working in journalism at the level that I liked working, and having small babies in tow.”

She went cold turkey, and started law school while the boys were still in primary school. The transition was tough, she says. “In some ways good-tough, in others just tough-tough.”

Law is less competitive with your colleagues than she was used to in journalism, and more collaborative. “Less shouting and swearing,” she says wryly.

Journalism and law aren’t worlds apart, though. Journalism, like law, is a craft, Clark says. It’s something you have to practice to get better at.

She says they’re both noble professions that focus on fairness, something she’s passionate about. She likes solving problems, advocating for people and being able to help people when they’ve found themselves in a sticky situation.Starting anew and entering the profession as a junior lawyer, as everyone must, was hard and confronting. She left journalism at the top of her craft and threw herself into something […]

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