From Law School Toolbox:

6 Quick Tips For Busy Law Students
Being a law student is hard. Being a busy law student? That’s impossible. Whether you are a “scared to death” 1L who is spending all your time studying, a “worked to death” 2L who is juggling moot court and law review, or a 3L getting ready for practice, all law students struggle with having time for anything other than law school. I bop around with several different rep positions, student organizations, and even a new position at a firm. It gets pretty crazy trying to balance school and all of the extracurricular activities. However, using my experience, follow these tips in order to make your hectic life a little bit easier:

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Meal Prep
  3. Five-Minutes Cram Sessions
  4. One-Day Errand Day
  5. Cleaning Schedule
  6. Stress Less

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