These are two of Legal Yankee’s most popular LLB study guides. They grew out of actual study guides devised by LLB students during their programme, then refined and updated over years through testing with other LLB students.

Each guide is designed to aid in study and preparation for exams. Each book contains three major sections: Outlines, Diagrams, and Crib Sheets.

  • Outlines are detailed outlines of the course material, arranged by topic.
  • Diagrams are companions to the Outlines, containing flow charts, diagrams, and other visual aids for each topic, matching each chapter in the book.
  • Crib Sheets are condensed outlines, perfect for getting the ‘big picture,’ for revising, and for testing yourself on the details.

All three LLB study guides sections include statutes, cases, and key terms, arranged and color-coded to maximize your studying, memorizing, and revising/reviewing.

crimlaw coverCriminal Law topics: Elements of an Offense; Actus Reus: Voluntariness, Omissions, Consequences; Mens Rea; Murder and Homicide; Voluntary Manslaughter; Simple Non-Fatal Offenses Against the Person; Aggravated Non-Fatal Offenses Against the Person; Sexual Offenses; Failure of Proof Defense & Justificatory Defenses; Excusatory Defenses & Mental Disorder Defenses; Attempt; Parties to Crime; Theft; Fraud; Robbery; Burglary; Criminal Damage.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.25.41Contract Law Topics: Offer and Acceptance; Consideration; Intention, Certainty, Completeness; Terms of a Contract; Regulation of Contract Terms; Contracts Made by Minors; Mistake; Misrepresentation; Duress and Undue Influence; Privity; Illegality; Restraint of Trade; Performance and Breach; Frustration; Damages; Equitable Remedies.

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