Purdue acquires online-only Concord Law School

Purdue University recently acquired the for-profit Kaplan University, and with that comes Concord School of Law. The Indiana university will be the first public institution with an online law school.

Concord Law School is one of a handful of online law schools, Law.com reports. For now, the law school’s day-to-day operations remain unchanged, Concord dean Martin Pritikin told the publication, and he expects that Purdue’s reputation will boost Concord’s.

Concord does not have ABA accreditation, and currently California is the only state that allows the school’s graduates to sit for its state bar exam. Out of 77 graduates who sat for the July 2016 California state bar, 16 percent passed, according to data (PDF) released by the agency.

In November, Concord filed petitions in Arizona, New Mexico and Connecticut seeking to change existing rules that restricts its graduates from taking bar exams. Pritikin told Law.com that he’s yet to receive responses from those states.

“I’m being patient and hopeful,” Pritikin said. “I think if we’re evaluated on the merits, we can hold our own with a number of ABA schools. My goal is to help break down some of the preconceived notions people have about online learning and online law school.”

Purdue paid $1 for Kaplan University, and agreed to share 12.5 percent of the programs’ new revenue with Graham Holdings Co., which owns Kaplan Inc., the Washington Post reports. Under the terms of the deal, Kaplan will continue to provide support—including marketing, human resources and financial aid administration—for the program for 30 years, with a buyout option after six years.

Ahead of the Curve: From Undergrad to Law School – Making the Transition, Part Two

From Law School Toolbox:

Welcome to Ahead of the Curve, our new series for incoming 1Ls. We’re getting lots of questions about what law school to attend, how to pay for it, and what people can be doing now to set themselves up for success in law school. Stay tuned, and be sure to sign up for our free mailing list and check out the Start Law School Right course to ensure you’re ready to go on Day One!

Improve Your Basic Writing Skills

Adopt And Embrace A New Writing Style

Your take-away: don’t struggle against the new formula. You are mastering new skills in persuasion that will make your writing stronger. Once you get comfortable with the structure of legal writing, you will have plenty of room to blend your skills into your unique, new “lawyer voice.”

Good legal writing is a craft that practicing attorneys and judges work very hard at practicing and perfecting. Work hard at your writing and you will get results.

Podcast Episode 112: Managing Distractions in Law School

Podcast Episode 112: Managing Distractions in Law SchoolFrom the Law School Toolbox Podcast. In this episode:

  • Internet, social media and technology – put the phone down!
  • How overthinking and mental clutter block your focus
  • Offloading mental clutter with systems and habits
  • Life and relationships – setting healthy boundaries and efficiently taking care of your needs
  • Avoiding seeing distractions as a result of boredom
  • Improving concentration though improved sleeping habits
  • ADD/ADHD: even mild cases can manifest differently in the law school environment

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