How to Go In-House Straight from Law School

MotivationIf you’ve been following news coverage of the legal job market lately, you may be aware of a new development in legal hiring. In recent years, more and more companies have been willing to hire early-career attorneys to work in their in-house legal departments who are either new graduates or have just a few years’ experience. Gone are the days when landing an in-house position requires several years of prior law firm practice. So how can law students take advantage of this emerging trend and best prepare themselves to go in-house immediately or shortly after graduation?

  1. Choose Your Law School Classes Wisely
  2. Network with In-House Lawyers
  3. Get an In-House Internship
  4. Consider What Type of In-House Position Interests You Most
  5. In-House Careers are Becoming a Reality for New Grads

LONDON LAW LECTURES – new lectures added (Contract)


Law of Contract – Mistake – CLICK HERE
Law of Contract – Misrepresentation – CLICK HERE

To see the complete set of recordings available in each subject area please click the links:

QED Law Revision Seminars in UK and Canada
The 2018 QED Law revision programme is now open for booking. The seminars will again take place at University College London and in Toronto.

For more information about the London seminars please CLICK HERE
And for the Toronto seminars please CLICK HERE

There are discounts for early booking.

Contract Law — New Study & Revision Guide for 2018!

Coming in Spring 2018 from Sulis Academic

This book is an excellent companion to any UK Contract Law course. Pulling together the important concepts, issues, cases, statutes, and terms in one place, it is the perfect revision and study companion. Use it in parallel with your course lectures and textbooks, use it for periodic reviewing of the material, and then use it for exam revision.
Including the latest state of the law (as of 2018), this book is an essential tool for passing your LLB exams.

Subhan Hussain. Contract Law: A Revision and Study Guide for LLB students. Sulis Academic Press, 2018.

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How to Apply for Law School — an online course from 7Sage

This course from 7Sage is designed to teach you how to apply for law school, taking you through each task and step, with advice on how to accomplish each. Here are the sections of the course:

Introduction to Law School Admissions 41m
Personal Statement – The Basics 1.2h
Personal Statement – Choosing a Topic 1.3h
Personal Statement – Outlining and Drafting 58m
Personal Statement – Revising 56m
Personal Statement – The Final Polish 1.2h
Personal Statement – Essay Bank 2h
Résumés 2.3h
Letters of Recommendation 50m
Diversity Statements 1.3h
“Why School X” Essays 1.2h
Addenda 2.7h
Yale 250s 50m
Admissions Resources 1h
So You’ve Been Waitlisted 58m
Writing 101 1.9h
Bonus Personal Statements 4h
Bonus Diversity Statements 3.3h

For more, visit the course website here.

About 7Sage

Our mission is to liberate legal education

Law school is the gateway to the legal profession, and thus it is the gateway to key positions in our society. But those who are unable to hire expensive admissions consultants have been at an unfair disadvantage. Until now.

We want to level the playing field. Top-notch, high-quality admissions advice should be affordable, and we have worked hard to do just that. Our affordable course guides you through the admissions process and writing personal statements, so that you can go to law school and become a lawyer.

My First Mock Trial – A 2L Perspective

summer reading for law studentsFrom the Girls Guide to Law School, a 2L guest post from Shirlene Armstrong about her first mock trial experience:

As a 2L, I have the opportunity to participate in “professional experience” activities for credit, extracurriculars. These include (but are not limited to) moot court, mock trial, law review, journal, and/or contract drafting. Since high school, I always wanted to do mock trial but unfortunately never attended a school that had a program. Thus, I was really excited to have an opportunity to join the team. I tried out for mock trial at the end of my 1L year and was fortunate to receive a spot on the team. As such, my first trial experience was in the first semester of my 2L year during our in-house competition.

Books and Resources for Intro to English Law (CLRI)

Books and other resources for law: sale items, other resources, required books, recommended books, and advanced or books for further reading. View all at

QED Revision Seminars — Toronto (March)

QED Law Courses, one of the best revision sites and seminars for LLB students, is once again holding its Revision Seminars in Toronto this March.

Revision Seminars in Toronto
Since 2004, QED Law has provided revision seminars in London for students studying the University of London International Programmes LLB. The seminars were offered for the first time in Toronto in 2016.Venue 6850 Goreway Drive Mississauga, L4V 1V7
Seminar Programme 2018
Date Time Subject
Sat March 24th 09.15 – 14.00 Law of Contract
Sat March 24th 09.15 – 14.00 Property Law
Sat March 24th 15.00 – 19.45 Tort Law
Sat March 24th 15.00 – 19.45 Public Law
Sun March 25th 09.15 – 14.00 Criminal Law
Sun March 25th 09.15 – 14.00 Equity & Trusts
Sun March 25th 15.00 – 19.45 LSM
Sun March 25th 15.00 – 19.45 EU Law
Fee per seminar. £135


This is a highly-recommdned seminar for revision. To book online, CLICK HERE. 

Or visit the website for more information.

Moving Forward After a Bar Exam Failure

From Bar Exam Toolbox:

If you’re reading this post, it’s probably because you’re afraid that you failed the bar exam or you recently found out that you did, in fact, fail the bar. So I want to say right from the start that it’s going to be okay. Failing the bar exam can be devastating, but in the grand scheme of things, this is only a temporary setback. You can come back from this! If you’re having trouble moving past your bar exam results, here are 5 steps to help you build forward momentum and prepare to pass the next time around.

Law School Study Abroad: To Go or Not To Go?

Jennifer Warren is an attorney and Academic Achievement Coordinator at Oklahoma City University School of Law, In this article from the Girls Guide to Law School, she discusses if studying abroad during law school is a good idea for you.

If there’s anyone who appreciates the value of studying abroad in college, it’s me. During my sophomore year, I spent a semester in Madrid that was truly a life changing experience. For me, studying abroad turned out to be so much more than a chance to travel and live in a new place. I was in Madrid in spring 2004, when, just days before Spain’s general elections, al Qaeda inspired terrorists bombed four commuter trains. The bombings were so close to my apartment that the explosions woke me up. Over the following days and weeks, I not only participated in the deep mourning for the victims of the attacks but also witnessed the significant political reverberations that played out in the Spanish elections. It was a significant occasion for Spain – and the world – that influenced my own beliefs and views.

Famous People Who Failed The Bar But Did Okay In The End

This article from  Bar Exam Toolbox provides strategies for moving on and improving scores if you failed your bar exam. Here’s a post about famous people who also failed the bar, including the dean of Stanford Law!

Failing is not the end of your story: it’s just the beginning! Having taken the test once before can help you improve your studying and pass the next time. It is by no means a blemish on your professional record. In fact, if you fail on your first try, you are joining a distinguished list of successful lawyers who did the same. From Presidents to law school deans, many famous lawyers have not been stopped by bar failure. Here are just a few prominent attorneys who failed their first bar exam:

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