Law schools get a bad rap for their role in perpetuating the student debt crisis. And law schools probably deserve a lot of the blame for why many recent law school graduates borrowed unbelievable sums of money that they have little chance of paying back. Indeed, law schools routinely inflated employment statics, sold prospective students on a fleeting promise of a fat paycheck, and took other ingenuous steps to fill their classes with students who would borrow their way to a law degree. Law schools usually just see law students as profit centers, and many do not care if students need to borrow unbelievable sums to finance their legal educations .

However, some law schools do care about how much debt individuals will borrow to finish their legal educations. As I previously mentioned, some law schools offer need-based financial aid to minimize the amount of debt students need to borrow to earn their degrees, and a few law schools offer accelerated programs and other initiatives to decrease the amount of money a student needs to borrow to earn a law degree. Some law schools even specifically ask students how they will pay for law school during interviews with prospective students.

I can attest to this from first-hand experience. When I was about to graduate from college, I was on the waitlist for Washington and Lee University School of Law. I later transferred to Georgetown Law after my first year of law school , but as a senior in college, I really wanted to attend W&L Law. In order to demonstrate my interest in the school, I agreed to be interviewed by the director of admissions at W&L Law. Most of the interview was what you would expect, and I spent a lot of the interview playing up my extracurricular activities, which were weirdly important to me at the time.

However, the admissions officer asked me a number of questions about how I would pay for law school. This caught me by surprise, since I thought that only my academic and personal records would be relevant to being accepted to law school. However, […]

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