Tons of Yale Law students and alumni have penned an open letter blasting the school for embracing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and leading the charge in numbing criticism of the jurist’s troubling substantive record.

It’s safe to say that when Trump tabbed Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, the only people happier than Kavanaugh’s family and his carpool buddies were the powers-that-be at Yale Law School. The perennial top-rated law school was so overjoyed to see another of their grads ascending to SCOTUS they could hardly contain their enthusiasm for furthering the school’s stranglehold on the nation’s judicial branch. Notoriously, Yale Law professor Akhil Reed Amar earned derision from far and wide for his vapid defense of Brett Kavanaugh based on his deep constitutional analysis of the fact that “ he went to the school I currently work at .”

In addition to Profesor Amar’s op-ed, the school quickly issued a press release gushing about Kavanaugh’s nomination filled with quotes from Dean Heather Gerken describing him as a friend, Professor William Eskridge describing him as “one of the most learned judges in America,” and Professor Abbe Gluck scolding any Kavanaugh critics by gravely noting that “politics have deeply harmed our Supreme Court nomination process.”

Is this an endorsement? No. But curating these quotes into a press release makes it very clear how the school feels about adding another grad to the Court. If the school wanted to put together a matter-of-fact, “we take no position” press release, they could consider following the model of Kirkland & Ellis, who acknowledged their former partner’s nomination with a statement that amounted to “ as far as we can tell, he might have worked here .”

And more importantly, the Yale Law community — from current students to far-flung alumni — saw it as approaching an endorsement and they are incensed at the school’s conduct and put together a letter that’s rapidly gathering signatures leveling harsh criticism against the school and asking a very poignant question: We write today as Yale Law students, alumni, and educators ashamed of our alma mater. Within an hour of Donald […]

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