There’s a fairly epic student loan scandal enveloping Howard University just at the moment. Reports have surfaced that Howard officials stole nearly $1,000,000 in student financial funds through a series of fake scholarships and grants. The university has already fired six people.

The Heavy reports on the details of the scam:

[B]ogus grants were “created and awarded to financial aid employees who were also registered for University courses. In some cases, these employees qualified for tuition remission and therefore weren’t charged tuition for their classes. Despite this, they still received large grants and scholarships that exceeded amounts generally awarded to normal students. These grants almost always exceeded legally allowed amounts.”

At or near the center of this scandal is Howard Law 3L Tyrone Hankerson Jr., a former student-employee at the financial aid office. He might also be a “former” law student, but while some people are saying he’s been kicked out of school, Hankerson says he’s still there.

Hankerson allegedly embezzled $429,000 from the Howard between 2014 and 2017.

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