QED LAW REVISION SEMINARS: Toronto – last minute bookings
The QED Law revision seminars in Toronto take place this weekend – 24th / 25th March. You can book until 12 noon on Friday. Materials will be sent by email. For more information and to book CLICK HERE


Law of Tort – Public bodies
This lecture we look at how the rules on duty in negligence apply to public bodies, that is authorities funded by and exercising functions for the public generally, whether operating on a national or local level. CLICK HERE

Property Law – Mortgages
This recording begins by looking briefly at how mortgages are acquired, in law and equity. The focus then shifts to entitlements – the rights and duties of the parties to a mortgage: the rights of the mortgagor and the rights and powers of the mortgagee. CLICK HERE
Criminal Law Examination- Prepare yourself for the compulsory MCQs
Part 1 of the University of London LLB examination in Criminal Law is compulsory and consists of 15 MCQs worth 25% of the overall mark. Test yourself against the clock with these THREE sets of MCQs each consisting of 15 questions covering a range of Criminal Law topics. They are in the format of part 1 of the University of London Criminal Law examination, use the same scoring system and are time limited to 45 minutes. You may take each test as often as you like. CLICK HERE To see the complete set of recordings available in each subject area please click the links:

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