Early in my 1L year, a professor told us that you had to get a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary because every lawyer will have their law-school copy in their office for the rest of their career as some sort of bookshelf trophy. That may be one reason to get a Black’s Law Dictionary, but I have found actually using the dictionary has been very helpful in law school and beyond. Even though it is tempting to Google a legal term of art or Latin legal phrase – requiring a distracting search through two or three webpages – turning to Black’s Law first will give you a concise, authoritative definition every time. Some may prefer a pocket edition or the app, but for me, I still prefer the complete, hardbound, more than 50,000 term edition. Aside from being a great research tool and invaluable reference, there is another benefit to using the 2054 page version – the amazing legal terms you find by accident. Here are my top 10 unexpected legal terms you will find inside the august Black’s Law Dictionary:

1. Veal-money

2. Chinese Wall

3. Churn, Burn, and Bury

4. Veggie-libel Law

5. Damn-fool Doctrine

6. Yank-cheating

7. Dog

8. Wobbler

9. Logic Bomb

10. Zombie

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