There is an interesting article from Law School Toolbox on “Deep Learning.” Here are some excerpts:

Five Techniques For Using Deep Work To Excel In Law SchoolLaw school presents law students with a number of incredible intellectual challenges. You have to memorize a great quantity of information in various substantive areas of law in a relatively short time. You have to learn to use a lot of arcane technical jargon correctly. You have to master a new system of legal proof that is just as complicated as the system of geometrical proofs you learned in high school. The only difference is that you will get substantially less support in learning how to do a legal proof than you did when you were learning how to do a geometrical proof.

The best way for law students to meet and overcome these challenges is to engage in “Deep Work.” Deep Work is the ability to focus exclusively for a long period of time on one particular intellectual task without distractions. Engaging in deep work means working with total uninterrupted concentration on whatever you are doing. It is the opposite of multi-tasking. Students who engage in deep work will be able to more quickly master complex information and produce superior results in less time.

Five suggestions are:

1. Avoid Multi-Tasking

2. Incorporate Deep Work Into Your Calendar

3. Prevent Interruptions

4. Close Or Minimize Social Media Accounts

5. Evaluate The Usefulness Of Study Groups And Other Meetings



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