From LawSchoolToolBox about an approach to learning for law school students. We find this interesting, because our “Diagrams and Flowcharts” sections of our study guides are a small attempt at visual learning.

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How Visual Learning Tools Can Help You in Law School: An Interview with SketchyLaw

We recently sat down with Kipp Mueller, co-founder of SketchyLaw, an innovative visual review supplement for law school and bar exam students. Using hand drawn original video scenes, SketchyLaw aims to help students review and remember important legal concepts in a unique way. We spoke to Kipp about the story of SketchyLaw, how it works, and why he thinks law students will benefit from signing up.

SketchyLaw is structured as a “freemium” program, meaning we have several videos you can access for free and if you pay a small fee, you get access to the full curriculum. Our goals are to be student friendly, cheap, and easy to use. We don’t try to nickel and dime our students; we just have one simple price. At the end of the day, the program was made by law students, for law students.

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