Jurisprudence & Legal Theory: Outlines, Diagrams, & Exam Study Sheets

Jurisprudence & Legal Theory: Outlines, Diagrams, & Exam Study SheetsJurisprudence: Outlines, Diagrams, and Study Sheets is a collection of outlines and diagrams as an aid to the study of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory. Designed to help you get the big picture of the theories, jurists, and philosophical and historical background of the subject. Use the diagrams to see an overall picture of each subtopic before you begin reading your texts, to organize your notes, and to review and revise. Prepare for your exams by using them to test your knowledge on the details.

This book covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Jurisprudence
  2. The Nature of Legal Theory
  3. Hobbes, Bentham, and Austin: Imperative Theory
  4. Natural Law Theory
  5. HLA Hart’s The Concept of Law
  6. The Rule of Recognition
  7. Hart’s Defenses Against Natural Law Theory and Fuller
  8. Raz’s Theory of Law: Service Conception
  9. Practical Reason
  10. Kelsen’s Theory of Law: Norms and Delicts
  11. Dworkin’s Theory of Law
  12. Marxism and Marxist Legal Theory
  13. Liberalism
  14. Feminist Legal Theory

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