Black’s Law Dictionary is the leading legal dictionary in the US and associated jurisdictions. The last edition, the tenth, was released last year. This year, West released an iOS app of that version. I have long thought that reference books on mobile platforms is the best use of eBooks, and this app affirms that for me. Containing over 50,000 terms, West has improved the interface significantly. Here is the main screen on iPhone and iPad:

black's law, iphone app black's law-iPad app

In addition to a typical (clickable) table of contents, there is a search bar, the main screens (above), a “word of the day” function (nice!), plus a screen for viewing history (by date or alphabetical), and a bookmarks screen (which works much like Apple’s iBooks app). There are also hyperlinks to related terms and a live pronunciation icon for many of the entries.

It is more expensive that most apps, but that is to be expected for a law book. I would much rather have this app in my pocket than haul around the print version.

For a more in-depth reviews, read iPhone JD’s blog post and LegalTech News post. For background and changes in the edition, read Bryan Gardner’s article (editor of the last four editions) in the ABA Journal.

Available on iTunes.



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