What better way to begin the calm before the storm of a new law school year than to read an article about whether it is a good time to go to law school or to get out? Here is just such an article Michael Krauss at Forbes, entitled, “Law School Begins: Here’s A Message to the New Crop of 1L’s.”
Krauss is a law professor at George Mason. As he prepares to teach a “new crop of 1Ls,” he wants to tell them all a few things.

  • This is an interesting time to enter the legal degree field. Business models, tuition, and loans are all in flux.
  • Most students (even at a top-50 like Mason) will receive lower grades than they are used, won’t be edible for a law review, and won’t get big-time interviews or internships. 
  • Many of the top news stories of the day are about legal issues. 

Following this review, Krauss poses the question “why are you in law school?” and gives two options, one of which leads to him welcoming you, the other leads to a suggestion to “get out while you can.”
A pithy article, but worth reading if you have any questions about starting (or continuing) your degree.
Read the full post here.

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