Beneficial Contracts of Service
De Francesco V Barnum (1890) 45 Ch D 430

Beneficial terms must outweigh onerous terms

Doyle v White City Stadium (1935) ,

A minor is bound if the contract, on the whole, is to the minor’s benefit.

Chaplin v Leslie Frewin (Publishers) Ltd (1935) ,

It doesn’t matter how beneficial, just some element of benefit must exist.

Nash v Inman (1908) 2 KB 1, Privy Council

1. Contract must be for goods that are ‘reasonably necessary’

2. Minor must not already have a sufficient supply of the goods

Roberts v Gray (1913) 1 K.B. 520,

A contract for necessities cannot be repudiated by the minor simply because it is executory

Recovery of Property
Leslie v Sheill (1914) 3 K.B. 607,

Restitution could not apply unless very money was identifiable.

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