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Millennial Law Students: Play To Your Strengths

Maybe you’ve heard your professors make some kind of snide comment about millenials and our short attention spans or something about how we’re all obsessed with technology. On the one hand, rude. On the other hand, let’s face it: whether it’s kids, teens, or adults,...

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What Every New Law Graduate Needs: A Venmo Account

As the number of legal jobs for new law school graduates continue to shrink , several innovative law schools have stepped up to give their students a competitive edge in a tight market. For example, Suffolk Law School offers a Legal Innovation and Technology...

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A Well-Worn Path: Navigating the Road to Judicial Clerkships

Following the highly selective process, some students find it challenging to navigate making crucial connections to land their ideal clerking jobs, while others face difficulties balancing their career choices with paying off student loans. US Supreme Court Associate...

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How Mindfulness Changed My Life: A Law Student’s Story

While attending the Georgia Institute of Technology, I experienced severe stress and test anxiety that significantly hindered my ability to perform at my highest level. It was not uncommon for me to experience anxiety attacks before and while taking exams. I had to...

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