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How to Go In-House Straight from Law School

If you’ve been following news coverage of the legal job market lately, you may be aware of a new development in legal hiring. In recent years, more and more companies have been willing to hire early-career attorneys to work in their in-house legal departments who are...

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LONDON LAW LECTURES – new lectures added (Contract)

LONDON LAW LECTURES : NEW LECTURES ADDED Law of Contract - Mistake - CLICK HERE Law of Contract - Misrepresentation - CLICK HERE To see the complete set of recordings available in each subject area please click the links: QED Law Revision Seminars in UK and Canada The...

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Contract Law — New Study & Revision Guide for 2018!

Coming in Spring 2018 from Sulis Academic This book is an excellent companion to any UK Contract Law course. Pulling together the important concepts, issues, cases, statutes, and terms in one place, it is the perfect revision and study companion. Use it in parallel...

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