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How I Did It: Secured a Training Contract with Clyde & Co

Read the full article at Noor Al Kooheji Christianah Babajide, one of Lawbore’s legal journalists, caught up with City LLB alumni and Future Trainee Solicitor at Clyde & Co (Dubai Office) , Noor Al Kooheji .Whilst completing her Law degree at City,...

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Saudi student makes Law School history

Read the full article at Already a judge in Riyadh, Saudi Arabian native Mohammed Al Mulhim came to the U of M Law School to study commercial law. But a conversation with a colleague from Tunisia soon changed his mind.“He encouraged me to consider...

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Court: Gov’t violated privacy law for defrauded students

Read the full article at In a break with Obama administration policy, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced in December that some students cheated by the now-defunct schools would only get a part of their federal student loan forgiven. In order to...

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The Top 20 Most Affordable Law Schools

Read the full article at Almost everyone knows that it costs an arm and a leg to go to law school, and that at this moment in time, the average law school graduate leaves law school up to six figures in debt. Student Loan Hero , a website that helps...

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Average Law School Debt

If you attend school full-time, you should be able to become a lawyer in seven years – four years as an undergraduate at a college or university, then three years in law school. There is no set requirement for an undergraduate course of study necessary to get into law school, but experts advise that you take courses that sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills. Popular majors are history, English and political science.

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BPP suspends law degree in face of solicitor super-exam

Read the full article at Exclusive : LLB on pause so law school can ‘design programmes for the future’ BPP University is halting its LLB offering so its law school can design “programmes for the future”. This comes as the profession gears up for...

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