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You may use these products for your own personal use on multiple devices that you own. You may not transfer, distribute, print and distribute, or otherwise transfer the products to others. Any commercial use or distribution over the internet or electronically is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted under the applicable laws.


You acknowledge and consent that accessing this website or using any feature / service offered on this website shall be deemed as your explicit consent to abide by these Terms of Service. Subject to the applicable local laws and regulations, you consent to fulfill all your obligations arising out of this agreement. If you are not comfortable with any provisions of these terms and conditions, you have the right to discontinue your access / use of this website and/or any services being offered. You acknowledge that all materials, designs, information and other contents featured on this website are protected by all copyright and trademark laws. You agree to refrain from all activities that might be deemed as an infringement of our legal rights under these terms and conditions.


Subject to the following conditions, you have a limited and nonexclusive right to use the downloadable files offered on this website:

  • Our products are for personal use only. You can use them on multiple devices that you own, but you may not transfer the files to others. The downloadable products are not intended to be printed, and will print as low quality. However, if you wish to print, you may do so under this license, but any printouts are for your personal use. You may not share them or give them to others.
  • Any commercial use or distribution over the internet or electronically is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted under the applicable laws.
  • Nothing in this ‘Terms of Service’ shall give you any rights to resale, transfer or redistribute our files or other products, whether modified or unmodified, using any electronic or physical means.
  • Nothing on this website shall denote that we have transferred ownership or property rights of our modified or unmodified files. We are entitled with exclusive ownership and property rights over the products offered on this website that are produced by us. Your right to download and edit or modify our any file shall not be taken to provide any rights to re-license, sublicense, sell, distribute, or transfer the files in any form or manner.
  • You acknowledge and consent that our products shall be offered as it is and nothing on this website shall be taken as a warranty of any kinds regarding accuracy, timeliness, availability, suitability, and reliability of information of products or services offered on this website. We are not responsible for any claims or liabilities arising out of direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages from your ability or inability to use our products and services.

Design and Graphics

You acknowledge and consent that the design and graphics used in our files and services are the exclusive property of the owner of this website. Your license to use our files do not give you any rights to copy, replicate, or otherwise use our design and graphics in any form, or to benefit from any commercial activity. The owner of this website  is entitled with absolute discretionary powers to take appropriate legal actions against any possible infringements of its rights or unauthorized use of its products. You agree to refrain from activities that may lead to infringement of our legal rights.


After receiving payments for any downloadable product or products, you will receive an email with a download link to the to the files you purchased.  The download link will be sent to the email address you provided during your purchase. It will also e available on your account page on our website. The email will be sent within 24 hours of your final purchase.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of downloadable products, there is no process of authorizing or confirming that the customer will delete the products or not use them after a refund is issued. For this reason, we only provide refunds for products that have been purchased but not downloaded.  Once the product or products have been downloaded, the purchase shall be irrevocable. Nothing on this website or its Terms and Conditions give you any rights to claim refunds/exchanges for downloaded orders. Please carefully review all descriptions, samples, and other information about the products before placing your order. Feel free to email us with questions about any specific product or products. We are not responsible for any issues or incompatibilities that may arise from your computer configuration or specific software being used.


You acknowledge that the files and services available on this website are offered as it is. Nothing on this website or in these Terms and Conditions give you any explicit or implicit warranties of any kind regarding accuracy, reliability, availability, or usability for specific purposes and/or conditions of merchantability, including, but not limited to, non-infringement of intellectual property or local laws, rules, or regulations. You acknowledge and consent that we shall not be responsible for any claims or expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees, that might arise from the use of our products or services being offered on this website, infringement of your property rights or unauthorized access to your account, personal identity, or any information stored on any portion of our website. For more on our strict privacy policy, click here.


You acknowledge and consent that this website or its affiliates, channel partners, collaborating service providers, executives, and employees shall not be responsible for any loss or damages, including but not limited to damages from loss of data, profits or business potential, caused by your ability or inability to use our products or services being offered on this website, irrespective of the fact that such losses resulted from the actions or inactions of our authorized representatives, and they have been notified about such damages through oral or written communication.


You acknowledge that we take every possible step to ensure technical and typographical  accuracy/reliability of our products or services offered on this website. However, nothing on this website shall be taken as a guarantee of any kind for accuracy, completeness, relevance, or reliability of the products or other services being offered on this website. You acknowledge and consent that we shall be entitled with absolute discretionary powers to edit, change, or update the products or contents thereof of the products on our website at any time, with or without any notice about such changes. This does not, however, provide any  legal obligation or commitment to update the material or contents.


You acknowledge that our website may contain links to third party websites for providing information, product reviews, and useful product ads or affiliate links.  You acknowledge and consent that these links to third party websites or ads is not be deemed to signify implicit or explicit endorsement of third party products and services by us. You should carefully review these products or services before ordering them.

Terms of Use Modifications

You acknowledge and consent that we are entitled with absolute discretionary powers to edit, modify, or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Accessing this website, using any features or services, or downloading products offered on this website shall be deemed as your explicit consent to abide by these Terms of Service.

Governing Law

You acknowledge and consent that these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in light of applicable rules and regulations in the United States. All disputes related to contracts, terms and conditions and use of our website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in the United States.

Electronic Communications

You acknowledge that we shall are entitled to communicate with our users through emails or other channels of electronic communications. You acknowledge and consent that emails, alert notifications, and other forms of digital communication shall have the same force and legal implications as being communicated in writing.

Copyright and Trademarks

You acknowledge and consent that the owner of this website holds exclusive copyrights over all items produced by the website, including images, logos, icons, graphics, design, software and presentations, including data compilations and digital downloads, created or produced by this website and being offered on this website, is protected by applicable copyright laws and international agreements. You consent that all the content posted or shared on this website shall be the exclusive property of the owner of this website. You should not copy, edit, reproduce, transmit or do anything that may cause infringements of our trademarks, create confusion among our customers, or disparage/discredit this website or the owner thereof. Similarly, the above listed items, logos and trademarks of third party service providers or collaborating channel partners appearing on this website are the exclusive properties of their respective owners.

License and Site Access

You have a limited and non-exclusive right to access our website or use our services for personal use. However, nothing on this website or in these Terms and Conditions give you any rights to download contents, copy, modify, duplicate, reproduce, sell, resell, or exploit this website, in any form, for commercial benefits without a prior written consent of the owner of this website. Your license to use our products or services preclude data mining, robots, or other data gathering or extraction tools to collect user information and/or to use our product listings and descriptions, or to create derivative works for resale or other commercial activities.

Nothing on this website shall give you any rights to use framing techniques for enclosing logos, trademarks, or other proprietary contents, including the page layouts, texts, forms and images on our website without explicit permission from us. You agree to respect the trademarks and proprietary rights of the owner of this website and its affiliates, channel partners, or collaborating service providers, and refrain from using meta-tags or other hidden text on this website without the permission from their respective owners.

Membership Account

You should acknowledge that access to this website or use of any services being offered on this website are voluntary, but you may be required to register with this website for using specific features or value-added services. You acknowledge and consent that you shall be responsible maintaining the confidentiality of your account/password and accept the obligations that might arise due to unauthorized access or unlawful activities under your account or credentials.

User Generated Contents

You acknowledge that users of this website may post their comments or reviews and share ideas, information, or useful content with other members of the community. However, nothing on this website shall give you any rights to post illegal or obscene contents, infringe the property rights or privacy of other users, threaten or use defamatory or objectionable language, and/or do anything that may damage the reputation of this website or its owner. You agree to never use this website or any of its services to launch political or marketing campaigns, spread computer viruses or other malicious codes, or spam other users with unsolicited emails or other messages.

Impersonate any person or entity, use false email addresses or fabricated credit card information is a violation of these Terms and Conditions of applicable law. You acknowledge that we hold absolute powers to enforce our legal rights under this agreement, but any failure to enforce your obligations under these Terms of Service due to the large amount of user-generated content shall not be deemed that we have given up the right to enforce any subsequent breach of our privileges. The owner and operators of this website are be entitled to edit, modify, delete or completely remove any user-generated content from this website if we believe or become aware that posted contents do not comply with our policies, without obligation to inform the owner of the non-compliant material. You agree that our discretion in these matters is unlimited.

You acknowledge and consent that posting content or sharing information on our website deems that you have given non-exclusive yet perpetual, irrevocable, and royalty-free right to this website or its affiliates, licensors, and associates for using, modifying, reproducing, transmitting, creating derivative works, sublicensing, publishing or redistributing the contents with any media or web site. This website or its associates have the right to use your name, but only in matters related to your posted content.

You warrant that your posted or shared content is genuinely true to your knowledge, and accept the responsibility of posting inaccurate or fabricated information or content. Sharing information or publishing content on our website deems that you own or control the property rights, if any,  related to such contents. You agree to ensure that your posted contents do not infringe on the propriety rights of other users, or violate these Terms of Service and applicable rules and regulations.

We are not be responsible for liabilities or consequences of user-generated content posted in violation of these terms and conditions. You acknowledge and consent to accept all the responsibilities and legal obligations that might arise due to breach of these Terms of Service, infringement of third party rights, and violation of applicable rules and regulations.

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