15% Discount in April for All Study Aids and Guides

I have heard from a number of law students over the last month, and I still remember the cycle of anxiety, confidence, panic, hard work that accompanied the time leading up to exams. It is part of what led me to revise, compile, improve, and publish many of my own study methods and guides.

So, in sympathy of the impending exam period, all Legal Yankee study guides and study aids are 15% off in the month of April. Click any of the links below

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CLRI Course Outlines
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CLRI Course Diagrams
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CLRI Crib Sheets
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Criminal Law
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Law of Contract
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Public Law
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Law of Tort
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Property Law (Land Law)
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Equity and Trusts
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Four-Pack Course Outlines (CLRI, Criminal, Contract, Public)
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Four-Pack Diagrams (CLRI, Criminal, Contract, Public)
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Study for Law Exams: Tips

Professor Gary Slapper often tweets short tips for exam revision and taking exams. Here are a few of my favorites:


  • Vital equation before you start: Days left until exams ÷ no. of subjects. Divide your time equally. Colour code the calendar. Spend no longer than three days in a row on one subject
  • At the outset of any self-test, a 10-word skeleton is invaluable: duty/breach/causation etc. The view from helicopter not from woods.
  • When you count days to exams and allocate subjects, include *all* days… including weekends.
  • Einstein: “You don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother” Recite topics to a reciprocating friend.

View (and follow) his Twitter feed here.

Alternatively, you can view many of the tweets, organized and with some comment, over @legalaware.com blog. Click here to visit.



For revision help and study aids, check out our books, PDFs, and other resources:
Property Law (Land Law)

Revising Aids for Law Exams

 Most law students are in revision mode now (or soon to be). Here is a list of our available resources to help you. These books and PDFs developed over a period of years from the notes and methods of law students, edited and revised each year for maximum use.

Each one contains a detailed outline of each subject, diagrams and flowcharts, and shorter “crib sheets” for each subject.

Volume 1: Introduction to the Common Law System (CLRI) (individual PDFs only for Outlines and Diagrams)

Volume 2: Criminal Law (book or PDF)
Volume 3: Contract Law (book or PDF)
Volume 4: Public Law (book or PDF)
Volume 5: Law of Tort (book or PDF)
Volume 7: Law of Equity and Trusts (book or PDF)

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The Cinema behind 'Wednesbury Unreasonableness'

Screen Shot 2014 12 03 at 9 46 54 AM
When memorizing cases in law school. I always found it helpful to learn a story or a background. Legal Cheek brings us some of the background of the cinema which was a party in the case of Provincial Picture Houses Ltd v Wednesbury Corp [1947] 1 KB 223 which was the genesis for the three-limbed standard known as ‘Wednesbury Unreasonableness,’ used to assess an application for judicial review of a public authority’s decision. The post describes the circumstances of the cinema at the time of the case, as well as its subsequent history. (As of last summer, it was for sale.)
Read the post here on Legal Cheek.

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