UKSC Ruling Changes Law Syllabi (Joint Criminal Enterprise)

The case is R v Jogee, and addresses the doctrine of joint criminal enterprise. The doctrine has been widely criticized as being wrongly applied and resulting in num serious injustice. (The doctrine holds that all participants in a criminal enterprise can be held jointly liable, regardless of their actual role.) It was argued that the mental element of the doctrine had been applies too strong on foresight of the offense rather than intent.

The appellants Jogee and Ruddock were each convicted of murder after directions to the jury in which the trial judges sought to apply the principle deriving from Chan Wing-Siu. In these appeals the court has been asked to review the doctrine of parasitic accessory liability and to hold that the court took a wrong turn in Chan Wing-Siu and the cases which have followed it. It is argued by the appellants that the doctrine is based on a flawed reading of earlier authorities and questionable policy arguments. The respondents dispute those propositions and argue that even if the court were now persuaded that the courts took a wrong turn, it should be a matter for legislatures to decide whether to make any change, since the law as laid down in Chan Wing-Siu has been in place in England and Wales and in other common law jurisdictions including Jamaica for 30 years. The two appeals, Jogee in the Supreme Court and Ruddock in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, were heard together.

The Justices held unanimously that the joint criminal enterprise doctrine had been “wrongly interpreted” for almost 35 years. Click below to read the judgment.

R v Jogee (Appellant) [2016] UKSC 8; [2016] UKPC 8 >

Resources for the study of Criminal Law

courthouse-303370_640 study of criminal lawAs the fall approaches, Legal Yankee is gearing up to provide information and resources for law students in the US and the UK (and related jurisdictions). Over the next months, we’ll be adding more resources to our website.

Today we introduce two new areas for the study  of criminal law. These pages will contain a list of books (statutes and case books, textbooks, and study aids). There is one for UK students and one for US students:

Or visit the Criminal Law page for these and other resources related to the study of criminal law.

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I have heard from a number of law students over the last month, and I still remember the cycle of anxiety, confidence, panic, hard work that accompanied the time leading up to exams. It is part of what led me to revise, compile, improve, and publish many of my own study methods and guides.

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Lectures available for #CLRI #Criminal #property #trusts #land #eulaw

A new website entitled London Law Lectures is a website devoted to supplying law lectures on various topics, arranged by courses. At the moment, there are lectures available for CLRI, Criminal Law, EU Law, Land Law, and Law of Trusts. More subjects are promised, as well as more lectures within each category.

For example, the Criminal Law section contains the following lectures:

  • Homicide
  • Burglary
  • Non Fatal Offenses
  • Automatism and Insanity
  • Rape

Lectures range from 30 minutes to about an hour, and range in price from £3 to £16.
There is also a mailing list for updates.

Visit the website here, and the FaceBook page here.

Study for Law Exams: Tips

Professor Gary Slapper often tweets short tips for exam revision and taking exams. Here are a few of my favorites:


  • Vital equation before you start: Days left until exams ÷ no. of subjects. Divide your time equally. Colour code the calendar. Spend no longer than three days in a row on one subject
  • At the outset of any self-test, a 10-word skeleton is invaluable: duty/breach/causation etc. The view from helicopter not from woods.
  • When you count days to exams and allocate subjects, include *all* days… including weekends.
  • Einstein: “You don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother” Recite topics to a reciprocating friend.

View (and follow) his Twitter feed here.

Alternatively, you can view many of the tweets, organized and with some comment, over blog. Click here to visit.



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