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How to Write a Resume for Law School Applications

Read the full article at Law schools require applicants to submit a resume, but most prospective students won't need to write one from scratch. If you have a resume on hand from your job search, you can work with that. However, you will need to tailor...

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Got Law School Debt? Win This Contest To Pay It Off!

Read the full article at If you’re a young law school graduate, it’s highly likely that you’ve got a huge pile of debt to your name that will follow you for the next 10, 20, or 25 years, depending on your current repayment plan. What if there were a...

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UB mediation team has a seat at the table at Paris competition

Read the full article at Third-year law students Rachel Vicario (left) and Darian Wilkom are taking part in the International Chamber of Commerce’s 15th annual Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris. The legal mediation skills of two UB law students...

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Alumni Spotlight: Leo Andriasyan

Read the full article at A former NYSCAS's graduate Leo Andriasyan with his mom Leo Andriasyan was not the first member of his family to attend Touro College.Before him, his grandfather and his mother attended the school. Leo’s family immigrated to...

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