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Isanti County Attorney’s Office welcomes summer interns

Read the full article at Isanti County Attorney Jeff Edblad with his office’s two interns, Susan Craig and Logan Olson. Photo by Noelle Olson Isanti County Attorney Jeff Edblad has some help in his office this summer, mentoring two interns:...

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Can a UK University Leaver Pay Back Law School Loans?

Read the full article at England has the highest student debts in the developed world thanks to a formidable combination of high tuition fees, rising interest rates whilst studying and maintenance grants scrapped in favour of loans. By the time...

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U of M graduate seeks answers on law school bursary exclusion

Read the full article at Marc-André Desjardins, a University of Moncton law graduate, says he's sought answers from the province about why its bursary program for students from low-income families excludes medical and law students. (Marc-André Desjardins) A...

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Valpo Law considers possible move to Volunteer State

Read the full article at Photos courtesy of Middle Tenn. State University At first glance, the two schools are opposites.Valparaiso University is a private Lutheran institution with 3,255 undergraduates in northwest Indiana’s Rust Belt, just...

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Highlights of the opportunities during my time at Uni

Read the full article at Firstly, I cannot believe how fast the last four years have gone and today I found out my degree classification… It feels like yesterday that I arrived in Sheffield and whilst I am excited to graduate, I will be...

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Meet a convicted felon who became a Georgetown law professor

Read the full article at Jailhouse lawyers are prisoners who manage to learn enough about the law while incarcerated to help themselves and other inmates with legal problems. We get letters from them every week. Tonight we are going to reintroduce you...

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