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Revolutionizing the Legal Industry — From the Bottom Up

Read the full article at Bill Henderson’s Institute for the Future of Law Practice trains a new breed of lawyers Bill Henderson has long been a highly influential agent of change in the legal industry — as an educator, researcher, academic and writer....

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Tales From An Unsuspecting T14 1L: Gearing Up For Law School

Read the full article at Ed. note : Please welcome Earl Grey (not his real name) to our pages. He’s a first-year student of color at a T14 law school, and he’ll be sharing his experiences with us. The first year of law school can be a transformational...

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You’re In Recovery And Starting Law School — Now What?

Read the full article at When I walked through the doors of Pitt Law as a 1L in 1983, I was deep into alcohol use disorder, also known as an “alcoholic”. I was also dealing with traditional and exercise bulimia. Throw in clinical depression as well. I...

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How Law School Applicants Can Discuss Extracurriculars

Read the full article at According to an old wives' tale, law school applications rise and fall with the applicant's LSAT score and GPA, marginally aided by a personal statement. However, work experience is becoming increasingly important when applying...

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Harvard Law School Student Learns Law Firms Can Be Real Jerks

Read the full article at (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images) It’s rare that someone from Harvard Law can garner your sympathy, what with their bright shining future just staring at them and all that, but this is the story to do that. See, this...

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Should You Take Law School Classes Online?

Read the full article at Online learning has been around for awhile now. Heck, I even took a few online classes back in college in the early 2000s. But like most things in the law, online classes were slower to appear in law schools. There are...

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Classism In Academia

Read the full article at No, not the class you sit in. This column is devoted to socio-economic status, or “class.”As I reported last week , the citation count rankings have a paucity of women, people of color, and people who didn’t go to a top 10 law...

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Average Law School Debt

Read the full article at If you attend school full-time, you should be able to become a lawyer in seven years – four years as an undergraduate at a college or university, then three years in law school. There is no set requirement for an undergraduate...

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