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Digital Learning For The 21st-Century Attorney

Read the full article at Ian, a recovering corporate lawyer with a JD from Hofstra Law School, met Chris, who earned his MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business, at the Practical Law Company. Now the two have used their collective...

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5 Tips For Having A Long And Successful Legal Career

Read the full article at A legal career is a marathon, not a sprint — and whether you’re a law student, associate, or partner, you always need to be thinking about the next turn in the road. You might have achieved a major career goal — getting into a...

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Women In Law, Female Founders: Susan Cooper – Accutrainee

Read the full article at _MG_2414(2) copy The latest interview in our Women in Law – Female Founders series by Dana Denis-Smith is with London-based Susan Cooper , CEO and co-founder of Accutrainee . While this is not a tech company, Susan...

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The Sober Curious Lawyer

Read the full article at The sober curious movement is taking off. When I first heard the term, my baby-boomer, 12-step mentality was to immediately associate it with “alcoholics” wondering what it is like to get sober. I was way off target. It is a...

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The Linda Clark Interview:

Read the full article at How and Why Linda Clark Left The Top Of Her Game In One Career To Move To The Law In her time as a journalist she was political editor for TVNZ, presented late night and midday broadcasts of One News , and fronted current...

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