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Should You do an LL.M. or a Two-Year JD?

Read the full article at A JD costs more than an LL.M., but it opens up career mobility across the US Many overseas LL.M. students come to the US to practice law in the country on graduation, which usually means taking the bar exam, which each state...

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Studying for a law degree: A guide

Read the full article at words Al WoodsNot all students who sign up for law degrees every year end up graduating, and some of the graduates don’t finish with the best grades. Becoming a lawyer is one of the best careers in the world, but getting...

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UWA Law School ranked 75th in world

Read the full article at Professor Natalie Skead The University of Western Australia has improved in the international Times Higher Education World Subject Rankings in the fields of Law and Business and Economics .The world rankings place UWA’s Law...

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The Best Law Schools In America For Career Prospects (2020)

Read the full article at Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and before you gobble down some turkey, why not gobble down some new law school rankings? The Princeton Review recently released its annual law school ranking, covering the best 167 law schools...

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The Law Schools With The Highest Student Loan Default Rates

Read the full article at Here at Above the Law, time and time again, we’ve warned both prospective and current law students about the dangers of student loans. According to the most recent data available for the class of 2018, the average law school...

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Morning Docket: 11.04.19

Read the full article at * An Albuquerque DWI attorney has been arrested for his second DWI this year. His first DWI was dismissed; maybe this is just an advertising ploy… [ KRQE Albuquerque ]* Joe Arpaio’s defamation lawsuit against several media...

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BARAN | College Shouldn’t Be a Breeze

Read the full article at “Follow your passions.” “Do what you’re interested in.” This is advice we receive too often as college students. It’s also generally ignored. I’ve met many students, including myself, who take the path of least resistance when...

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Broad stripes, bright stars

Read the full article at Growing numbers of law students are aiming to become US-qualified, hoping to practise in north America or gain an edge in international legal practice. Marialuisa Taddia looks at the advantages and challenges of sitting US...

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Mythical Splendor: LL.M. Programs in Scotland

Read the full article at There are few downsides to attending law school in this beautiful, successful and welcoming country north of England In law school league tables, Scotland often falls below its southern neighbor England, in the number of schools...

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