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Resources for UK and US law students.

Legal Yankee

Study aids, methods, writing assistance, and tutoring.

Legal Yankee

Technology for better study and practice.

Our Story

Legal Yankee has assisted law students since 2010 with study guides, tips, methods, book reviews, and helpful resources from around the web. We also offer assistance with legal research and writing and one-on-one tutorial sessions via Skype.

With our experience in academia, legal practice, and education, we know how to teach students how to learn. Explore our website, join our mailing list, and get in touch if you have questions. We love the study of law and are here to help you.

Markus McDowell

Managing Editor

Markus is legal researcher, editor, writer, and tutor.

Jessica Patel

Staff researcher and writer

Jessica is a paralegal, graphic designer, and writer.

Duncan Brown

Staff writer, technology expert

Duncan has a law degree and is an IT consultant.

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