Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash The second Law Student Survey has seen some extremely interesting responses, with participation from more than 500 students (516 in total) spread over more than forty law schools all across the country.

Now, with a study set as diverse as this, it is difficult to draw any accurate conclusions; nonetheless there are some interesting findings along the way.

But before that, a short recap: students were asked to fill up a survey that sought details on their year of study, university, and provided them with eight options in terms of career goals.

These nine options were: Corporate Law Firm

Civil Services (excluding the judiciary)

Judicial Services

In-house Legal Team

I don’t know yet

Litigation Practice Legal Academia Public Policy None of the Above The big picture The perceived dominance of the corporate law firm when it comes to career aspirations is only somewhat supported through the survey findings.Close to 22% of all respondents wanted to end up at a corporate law firm after completing their law. However, this is not the complete picture. The very same number were inclined to enter the judicial services.Litigation practice was next in line with the "I don’t know yet" coming in at number four. Three-year versus Five-year While the sample size and sheer diversity of the group means that it is hard to define sub-groups, what we have done here is to broadly compare the career goals of students enrolled in the traditional three-year LL.B. course with those enrolled in the "integrated" five-year undergraduate law course.What is interesting to note here is that the number of five-year law students seeking a career in a corporate law firm is nearly a third less than those enrolled in the three-year course. Also, the number of five-year students who want to enter the judicial services is nearly double that of three-year students. The Five year Course: A deeper look Although (rather conveniently) panned for catering largely to the needs of corporate law firms, the five-year integrated course is one of the most interesting […]

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