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With law schools and universities having closed their doors due to the escalating COVID-19 situation, many are now proposing to assess their students by way of “take home” examinations, such as research topics which students will submit their answers to 24 hours after being handed their assessment.

To excel in these kind of take home assessments you’ll need to hone a different set of skills to those that you might have been working on for the rest of the year. Research skills will be particularly important, so we thought we’d share a few quick tips.

Where to begin?

Remember that there are two types of authorities: primary and secondary. Primary sources, such as statute and case law, will be the most authoritative, but it may help you to focus your research and to understand how the law applies in practice by beginning with secondary sources and commentary on the law.

Reading practice notes on Practical Law can really help you to get a good introduction to a topic, so that you can begin to narrow down your research. Once you have an overview of a topic, you can start to read more detailed commentary which might be relevant, such as academic views in journals, commentary in Halsbury’s Laws of England and summaries of cases on Westlaw.

How do I make sure I’m looking at the most up to date law?

You must ensure that the resources you are using are up to date. Most online resources will show you the current law, but beware – some won’t!

Legislation on is not always the latest version in force. It’s better to use Westlaw for legislation. When using Westlaw, make sure that you have selected the option that shows the current legislation in force. It is also possible to look back at the legislation in force at a particular time, so make […]

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