Courtesy of Tribune News Service It’s a safe bet that a good number of people reading this article have, at some point, been asked by their parents to think about law school. To some, that’s the best suggestion they have ever heard, and to others the very notion fills them with dread. Some may even experience both at the same time. While law school has often been employed as a throwaway line for students who don’t want to admit that they are not sure of their future, committing to law school and making the firm decision to pursue a career in law is no small matter. Like many things worth doing in life, it is neither easy nor trivial. But accomplishing it is a feat to be proud of, and the sooner you start, the better. Though of course, everyone has a unique path. Some students have wanted to be lawyers since childhood, others may just now be thinking about it as graduation approaches. Both are equally legitimate, and despite their differences, they both have the same work to be done.

To some, the checklist of tasks needed to prepare for law school may seem like the Labors of Hercules, just one thing after another, but every aspect of the process is important in its own way. Ultimately the law school application process is about who you are as a person and what you can accomplish. In other words, it demands a full view of your abilities and personality.

Arguably the most important part of this process, and likely the first to garner your attention, is the Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, a standardized test required for admission into most schools certified by the American Bar Association, the regulatory authority for America’s law schools. The LSAT is not like most standardized tests. Rather than being based on knowledge, it is primarily concerned with the applicant’s problem solving and logical analysis skills.

“In my opinion, the most important things for law students to keep in mind are first, in order to pursue a legal career, they must first plan to take the […]

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