Law firms are adjusting to the new virtual norm by getting creative with how they reach out to prospective candidates. Fizkes / Getty Images This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Become an Insider and start reading now.

With many law schools’ on-campus recruiting programs moved back and online, law firms are considering how to adapt their hiring processes.

The general consensus among the 5 law firms that Business Insider spoke with is that they’re proceeding as normal when it comes to the number of OCIs and summer associates they’re looking to hire.

The biggest change is translating their in-person events to a virtual platform.

The hiring directors at each firm also point to resources that will help prospective candidates put their best foot forward — even if it’s through a video screen.

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Now that most law schools have delayed their on-campus recruiting programs — and moving them virtually — due to the pandemic, law firms are having to follow suit, adjusting their hiring timelines accordingly.

On campus interviews (OCIs), typically held before law students’ second years, have been pushed back to after the fall semester , as previously reported by Business Insider, with January 2021 shaping up to be the peak time for virtual interviews.

With the extra half-year’s time, law firms are getting creative with how they reach out to prospective candidates, from TikTok challenges to Zoom meet-and-greets with attorneys, to help them best prepare for the high-stakes job interviews. Read more: Here’s how Columbia, NYU, and 4 other law schools are reworking high-stakes job interviews for students this year Five prominent law firms spoke with Business Insider about how they’ve shifted their hiring process to adjust to the pandemic, the kinds of events they’ll be participating in leading up to OCIs, and what resources are available to students."We try to take the mystery out of the interview process for students," Ellen Fleishhacker, co-chair of Arnold & Porter’s hiring committee, explained. "They’re only doing this once, while we do it every year." White & […]

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