What is FRU?

The Free Representation Unit , most commonly known as FRU, is a non-profit legal charity based in central London and Nottingham. The work carried out at FRU is on a pro bono basis by volunteers. FRU volunteers represent individuals/claimants at tribunals for social security and employment law cases. If you’re a law student and want to gain some valuable legal experience FRU should be on your list. Particularly, if you are an aspiring barrister, the experience you gain at FRU is the most real experience and insight you will gain on the work life of a barrister. Why I chose to volunteer at FRU …

I chose the clinical module for my LLM with the BPTC (see BVS now) because I wanted to gain practical skills as well academic skills. I wanted to build my practical skills to gain exposure to a real-life situation. Even you aren’t studying the LLM with the BPTC, the FRU option is still available from the options modules on the BPTC. I chose FRU because although, I had been in real life situations previously, I had not had the opportunity to undertake any real advocacy. I chose to become an FRU representative for Employment Law rather than Social Security because employment law is one of the areas of law I would like to practice as a barrister. You don’t need to be a bar student, but you do need to be a law student in order to volunteer for FRU. How to become an FRU volunteer

Step 1: Training Day

After I received an email from the university, I was able to choose FRU as my pro bono option for the LLM I signed up for the training day on the FRU website. The training day usually costs £50, but it was free as I was booking as a City Law School BPTC/LLM student. A few days before the training day I was emailed the ‘FRU Employment Law Training Day’ handbook which was an overview of all the lectures to be given on the training day.

I attended the FRU […]

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