Knowledge is there to be shared with others otherwise it loses its value, says Hala The CEO and Founder of Hala Bou Alwan Consultancy talks about protecting governments, regulators, firms and individuals from financial crimes, cybercrimes, human rights breaches, and human trafficking Tell us about your educational and academic background

I am a Lawyer by profession , hold an LLB from the Lebanese University , School of Law and Political Sciences. I am also a member of the Lebanese Lawyers Bar association. I hold a dual LLM degree from Universite La Sagesse Lebanon, and have specialised in Artificial Intelligence, expert and data processing systems, financial and cybercrimes. I also hold an ELLM from Boston University Lebanon in International Business Law and have recently decided to pursue my PHD. Can you share some research studies that you have undertaken?

I am passionate towards writing, analytics and research. I have published plenty of articles, studies and research papers in both Arabic and English about financial and cybercrimes, human rights, compliance and corporate governance, communication, Fintech risks and the gaming industry. Academically, I’ve published articles with Boston University and Cambridge University in these areas. I have written a book on AI and how it can facilitate labour law requirements published in association with Universite La Sagesse.

Yes I believe knowledge is there to be shared with others otherwise it loses its value. I speak at many regulatory and thought leadership events whether it’s on financial crimes, cyber security, FinTech , AI, good governance, compliance or CSR issues across the globe. I enjoy doing this because I learn a lot and it’s so rewarding to listen to new concepts, listen to diverse ideas and hear different perspectives of experts. I feel Knowledge has no limit, the more we learn the more we realize how much more there remains to be learnt. HBA Consultancy Image Credit: Supplied Tel us about the Hala Bou Alwan Consultancy (HBA)? Why made you set it up and what are the areas of focus?

When I left Lebanon in 2006, it made me think about setting up my own firm. […]

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