In MEP 200, there are stickers indicating what seats are available to be sat in. Deans of the college of law, business and arts and sciences share COVID-19 challenges and successes

Although school started mid-August, the deans on campus have been planning how the semester would look amidst a pandemic for months. As the semester progresses, these deans need to stay attentive to what’s best for their colleges.

Judith Daar, Hassan Hassabelnaby and Diana McGill, deans of the college of law, business and arts and sciences respectively, shared their experience of the past few months and anticipation of the next few to come. Dean Judith Daar, Salmon P. Chase College of Law

Judith Daar answers the Zoom call from her office on the fifth floor of Nunn Hall. Behind her are large windows that look out onto campus. Daar said she loves her office and being on campus. She is also teaching classes this semester face-to-face.

The semester so far, according to Daar, is going “surprisingly well” and she attributes most of this to a lot of planning on the part of many people over the past few months.

“I’ve been in meetings almost on a daily basis that look at every aspect of our program,” Daar said. “We’ve had a lot of support from everything from the facilities department, to academic affairs, to IT. Everybody has been just incredibly collaborative and collegial and working hard to make sure that we could open in a safe and productive way.”

Daar said approximately 55% of the law’s school classes are taught online while the other 45% are taught face-to-face.

Chase Law faces the unique challenge of having almost none of its classrooms able to accommodate the size of a first-year class, which are usually around 50 students, while maintaining social distance, according to Daar.

Chase has classes in Griffin Hall, the Student Union, the Health Innovation Center and the University Center, Daar said.The law library is still open with safety precautions such as reduced seating and study spaces, plexiglass protection for high traffic areas and protocols for the safe sharing of materials.Legal education relies heavily on […]

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