"There has not been another time in my life where I have been surrounded by such a vast group of truly amazing people"

Hailing from around the world, McGill’s valedictorians are a diverse, multitalented group. When they came to the University, they brought with them their unique backgrounds, passions and ambitions. While they all praise the education they received at McGill, one thing is certain, the University has benefitted just as much for having them as valuable, contributing members of our community.

These outstanding students have earned the respect of the peers who they represent through their strong academic performance, leadership and commitment to making the University – and the world – a better place.

While COVID-19 made it impossible for them to deliver their respective addresses in in-person ceremonies, they still have important messages to deliver. The Reporter has conducted a series of interviews with this year’s valedictorians.

In our final instalment, we feature Debbie Yeboah, the valedictorian for the Faculty of Law. Debbie Yeboah, valedictorian for the Faculty of Law What is your hometown?
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why did you choose McGill?
So many reasons… It is a great university with an amazing reputation, it was an opportunity to live in Montreal, as McGill law students we graduate with two degrees instead of just one (a JD and a BCL), it was the first law school to send me an acceptance letter, it had the most affordable tuition fees, it would give me an opportunity to improve my French… the list goes on. Yet, perhaps the most important reason I chose McGill is because studying at McGill was kind of a dream come true for me. I mentioned this in my personal statement when I applied to McGill and in my valedictorian speech:

La première fois que j’ai visité l’Université de McGill, j’étais en 8e année. Les étudiants d’immersion francais ont pris un voyage éducatif à Montréal pour faire l’éxperience d’une environnement française authentique. Nous avons fait une tournée du campus de McGill, et je souviens, à l’age de 13 ans, d’avoir pensé […]

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