The Law Center Pipeline Program aims to increase diversity in law school applicants. | Kathryn Lenihan/The Cougar The Law Center’s Pre-Law Pipeline Program is launching two new additions to the department that are set to start early June.

The two expansions include the UH Cougar Law Program and the Working Professional Scholar Program , both funded by the Office of the Provost.

The Cougar Law Program is for current UH students or recent graduates who are interested in attending the UHLC without submitting an LSAT score.

In the program, students go through an eight-week summer course from June 1 until July 24 that includes introductory law school classes, legal writing and trial advocacy.

The Working Professionals Scholar Program was created for college graduates or working professionals who are interested in pursuing a law degree.

They will be introduced to first-year law school classes that include Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property and Torts.

Additionally, the Working Professional Scholar Program participants will learn more about the Law Center’s admissions policies and the LSAT; the program plans to continue into the fall.

“Attending the programs (are) important because we offer an invaluable insight into a field that is academically rigorous and intellectually challenging with the hope that our scholars will be equipped with the tools to be fully prepared for its demands,” said Program Director Kristen Guiseppi.

The two programs’ application deadline was in May. However, applications are being accepted on a rolling basis.Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all of the programs are currently online and will continue to provide resources and pre-law preparatory support to students.Beyond the new additional programs, the Law Center’s Pre-Law Pipeline Program has been around for six years and has served 169 undergraduate students and annually accepts 45 students.“I joined the UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program because I wanted to gain insight into the workings of the law, and figure out whether it was something I wanted to pursue,” said finance junior Sakethram Desabhotla.Over time graduates from the program have been awarded more than $2 million in law school scholarships.“We want to ensure that we continue to provide the high-quality and affordable educational […]

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