Photo courtesy Brianna Caldwell For law student Brianna Caldwell, softball served as the passion that set the trajectory for her life, eventually bringing her from Athens, Ala., to Clinton, Miss., which she says reminded her of her small hometown.

As a young child, Caldwell watched her father play for the TCB Express softball. Attracted to the game, the young Caldwell told her father that she wanted to play third base like his friend Speedy, whom she describes as being able to “run, hit, do everything.”

“You don’t want to play first like me?” her dad asked. Caldwell insisted, and Speedy taught her the ropes.

The intricacies of the game fascinate the athlete.

“There’s a passion behind the game. For the most part you are not going to be bored. It’s intense; the game can flip in a second,” she says. “People always thought I loved offense but in fact I like defense. I had a really good arm. I enjoyed throwing people out.”

Leaving Athens, Caldwell enrolled in the University of North Alabama for two years, playing for its softball team. A knee surgery precipitated a transfer to Columbia State Community College in Tennessee, where her team won a national championship and she won a world series in travel ball.

However, a torn ACL led her to transfer to Mississippi College in Clinton. While playing at Mississippi College she set the record for home runs in a season, which remains the record today. Unfortunately, another ACL injury in her other knee forced a shortened season for the athlete.

“I ended up wearing braces to hold the knee in place. My teammates helped me out,” she says. “Yeah, my college journey was very unorthodox.”

The 24-year-old graduated with a 4.0 GPA, earning bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and English writing. She credits her English study to teaching her about patterns that appear in her own writing, the history of education, how curriculums are created, and why minorities are disadvantaged in the educational system.English also serves as a means of helping Caldwell pursue her grander passion, law. When she was around 7 or 8 years old, she would watch ‘Law […]

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