Amy McClure wanted a career change. Her job in a college admissions department required 12 weeks of travel per year, something she no longer wanted to do. Instead, she wanted to make a move up the ladder in marketing and focus on writing.

McClure knew she faced a slow climb without earning an advanced degree. She also wanted to learn how to become a better writer. After researching her options, she decided to enroll in New England College’s online Master of Arts in Professional Writing program.

Now, after earning her masters in writing, she works as a digital copywriter and marketing specialist for the Vermont Law School, managing the school’s social media budget and copywriting while also teaching classes at a community college.

Her completion of the 100% online degree program from New England College changed the trajectory of her career. In a recent interview, McClure said, “I could not have made the career change I made without the degree from NEC.” Why She Chose New England College

McClure said she chose the online Master of Arts in Professional Writing program at NEC for a variety of reasons. One aspect of NEC’s writing program that attracted McClure is that it focuses on how to become a better writer in marketing and business.

“I chose the degree for the ability to focus on digital copywriting,” she said. “I really liked the variety of students who were focused on different types of professional writing and the different perspectives they brought to the degree.”

McClure always had an interest in business. She earned an undergraduate degree in communications and journalism and had considered moving on to earn an MBA. However, she had little interest in taking classes that didn’t pertain to writing, such as accounting and finance. What Impressed Her About NEC?

McClure felt supported by the mentorship professors offered in the online degree program. She said that although students had a variety of career interests, “the professors were interested in what the students’ goals were and what they wanted to learn to reach those goals.”

She also valued the ability to earn the degree online because she […]

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