Source: University of Luxembourg Among leading law schools in Europe, the University of Luxembourg sets a winning example.

Thainá Dantas Bacelar from Brazil can attest to this. After graduating secondary school in Belgium, she wanted to continue studying in Europe; applying to the University of Luxembourg was the obvious next step.

It is home to the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Investment Bank and three out of five Magic Circle law firm offices — a handy location for law students to get valuable industry experience.

Luxembourg is “an ideal starting point for those who wish to study international law,” said Thainá.

She reviewed the University of Luxembourg’s Bachelor in Law programme and its transnational curriculum and was convinced this would be the right programme for her to apply to. It is one of the few universities in Europe and around the world to focus on both international and domestic law.

So far, the programme and university are living up to her expectations.

Thainá is quickly learning to distinguish between different legal systems and how to engage in dialogue with her global interlocutors (client, contracting party, policy negotiator, opposing party). In an increasingly global world, studying a programme like this keeps Thainá current with this new context from the very start of her studies.

In future, whether she works in Luxembourg or abroad, in the public or private sector, she will benefit from this unique, transnational approach. Source: University of Luxembourg A practical approach

While other institutions insist on one-way traditional lectures, the University’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF) takes a more practical approach.Whether it’s their Bachelor in Law or postgraduate law programmes , all offer a potent combo of industry and education.Students get to attend networking events and capitalise on the university’s location in a country that’s globally known as a world-leading financial centre.For 25-year-old Francesco Fiaschi , a Master’s in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law (LL.M.) student, the most important feature of his studies is the networking opportunities made available to him.“Luxembourg is a very important place to study this legal field,” said Francesco, “It’s also very […]

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