Student Player is a centralized crowdfunding platform where fans can contribute towards sponsoring NCAA student athletes While College athletics are on hold right now because of the coronavirus pandemic, some major decisions are still looming when it comes to paying college athletes for their name, image and likeness.

California and Colorado have already passed laws that take effect January 2023 that essentially create an open market for student athletes to be able to benefit from their name, image and likeness. New Jersey and New York are strongly considering similar possibilities. Zach Segal, a graduate of Brown University and NYU Law School, is the found of Student Player The next guest on SportsJam is Zach Segal, the founder of Student Player, a centralized crowdfuding platform where fans can contribute, today, towards sponsoring NCAA student athletes.

Practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, Segal joined the show from his home in Denver, Colorado.

Segal is a graduate of Brown University, NYU Stern School of Business and NYU’S School of Law.

"This has been a subject that’s been on my mind for years since I was in college and when California passed the Fair Pay to Play Act in October it set off a lightbulb. Immediately it was an aha moment that this is happening, it’s inevitable, there’s no way to exclude California schools from the league which the NCAA was threatening to do and so I started thinking what’s the best way to do this that gets the fans involved, gets them engaged and also provides compenstation opportunities to the athletes in a quick and easy manner so they can still have time to be students and focus on their studies. It was that combination of factors, attending law school and being able to read the California law and be comfortable with it, what it said and meant, gave me the confidence to move forward and get the site up ( and running."

Segal, who grew up in New York but went to high school at St. George’s School in Montreal, says the mission of Student Player is twofold: First, give student athletes the ability to […]

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