The 2020 livestreamed commencement ceremony is Saturday, May 16. And don’t forget: You and your families are invited to return to campus in May 2021 to walk in the university commencement ceremony and attend special recognition events. Be part of the story by tagging #ForeverBuffs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn! Visit the 2020 commencement site for additional resources.

Below, read from just a few of the talented, motivated and innovative students who are graduating and starting on their next adventure. Congratulations, Buffs! What is one of the greatest experiences or lessons from your time at CU that you’ll carry with you into your next chapter?

As I move on from this chapter of my life, holding all that I have learned and experiences I have grown through, I think the greatest lesson I will carry with me is to be curious, to be critical and to act. There will always be room for personal reflection and growth, which aides in how you show up for your community, and there is always space to use the power you bring in this world to heal further. There is goodness. There is strife. There is utter despair. And there is our resolve. Determine how you show up and be there, all there.”

–Olivia Gardner, CUSG director of diversity and inclusion (EthnSt, WomSt’20) The greatest experience I had at CU was my time in Colombia. Being able to study abroad in a country that is so incredibly different from what I have experienced and being able to help build a community space for the neighborhood that so desperately needed it was the most fulfilling thing I have done in my entire life, even if I did dislocate my knee in the process.”

–Ian Klene (EnvDes’20) It’s difficult to choose one superlative experience from my five years at CU—I feel like my time here has literally been a highlight reel, and I am so thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given. Solo recitals, competitions, roles with Eklund Opera and writing my honors thesis have all been transformative experiences I will carry into […]

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