Scott Goode had four overarching goals when he was envisioning a new home for University of South Carolina undergraduate chemistry students. The newly renovated building offers places for students to study and relax in addition to the chemistry labs. At the top of the list for the distinguished professor emeritus: state-of-the-art chemistry labs that would enhance the learning experience for students. He also wanted an attractive, comfortable space that would become a gathering spot for science students; a staircase that people would choose instead of riding the elevator; and a bright atrium the department could use for speakers, receptions and recruitment.

Step inside the building at 1112 Greene St., the former home of the law school, and it’s clear the university’s renovation met — or exceeded — those goals.

Raquelle Bourgeois, a senior chemistry major from Bloomington, Minnesota, says the space, equipment and lighting in the labs offer a marked difference from her past three years in the labs in the Jones Physical Science Building.

“Obviously we have much better technology here, so we get to experience what it feels like to be a chemist in a real lab. This would be what it’s like if we went into industry,” Bourgeois says. “This definitely feels like it prepares us really well.”

All of UofSC’s undergraduate chemistry labs moved this semester from Jones across Main Street to the new location. The labs in Jones, which was built in 1967, were dark and small, while the new home is full of light, with windows into all of the labs offering a view from the hallways of the equipment and the experiments being conducted by students. The three floors that house the chemistry laboratories feature 17 wet labs and a computer lab. Each of the labs has a vestibule with small lockers where students leave their backpacks and put on safety eyewear, gloves and a white lab coat before they enter. A light-filled atrium and grand staircase have been added to the building that formerly housed the university’s law school. Lacy Ford, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, says the $50 million renovation that […]

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